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White Lightning | Jessie's Girl | Stacys Mom | Sweet Caroline | PENDING (waiting on deposit)

If you previously reserved Footloose 30 Passenger or Booz Cruz 20 Passenger you have been upgraded to our newest bus.

Please Note: These are the actual reservation times. We will need to allow for drive time to and from the location as well as clean up time following an event. These events are confirmed with paid deposits. We may have some pending events waiting on a deposit.

White Lightning (30 Passenger)

Unit Event Date City Pick Up Time Hours Drop Off Time
WHITE LIGHTNING03/25/2023Doon3:00 PM710:00 AM
WHITE LIGHTNING04/01/2023Sheldon12:30 PMMidnight
WHITE LIGHTNING04/08/2023Orange City2:30 PM46:30 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING04/15/2023Estherville7:00 PM411:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING04/21/2023Sioux Center4:30 PM26:30 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING04/28/2023Hospers5:00 PM49:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING04/29/2023Emmetsburg3:00 PM25:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING05/06/2023Sioux Center5:00 PM27:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING05/13/2023Le Mars7:00 PM11:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING05/20/2023Sioux center3:30 PM25:30 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING05/20/2023George8:00 PM51:00 AM
WHITE LIGHTNING05/27/2023Arnold�s Park10:30 AM14Midnight
WHITE LIGHTNING06/03/2023Okoboji, Iowa (spirit lake)7:00 PM411:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING06/03/2023Hull4:30 PM1.56:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING06/10/2023Milford1:00pm121:00 AM
WHITE LIGHTNING06/17/2023Spirit Lake1:00 PM121:00 AM
WHITE LIGHTNING06/23/2023Hull5:00 PM27:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING06/24/2023Britt4:00 PM26:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING07/07/2023Rock Valley5:30 PM16:30 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING07/08/2023Akron4:00 PM5:30 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING07/15/2023Granville4:00 PM26:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING07/22/2023Marcus3:00 PM69:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING07/29/2023Hawarden4:00 PM26:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING08/05/2023Sioux City4:30 PM26:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING08/11/2023Okoboji8:00 PM4Midnight
WHITE LIGHTNING08/12/2023Rock Valley4:00 PM6:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING08/19/2023Estherville3:30 PM36:30 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING09/02/2023Storm Lake1:00 PM121:00 AM
WHITE LIGHTNING09/09/2023Sheldon or Archer - still deciding10:00 AM1210:00 AM
WHITE LIGHTNING09/15/2023Hull10:30 AM1210:30 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING09/16/2023LeMars4:30 PM15:30 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING09/23/2023SheldonNoon12Midnight
WHITE LIGHTNING09/30/2023Le Mars3:00 PM710:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING10/14/2023Remsen10:00 PM42:00 AM
WHITE LIGHTNING10/14/2023Spencer3:00 PM5:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING11/04/2023Rock Valley5:00 PM26:30 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING11/11/2023Arnolds Park1:00 PM56:00 PM
WHITE LIGHTNING11/25/2023LeMars6:00 PM82:00 AM

Jessie's Girl (40 passenger)

Unit Event Date City Pick Up Time Hours Drop Off Time
JESSIES GIRL03/24/2023orange city8:00 PM4Midnight
JESSIES GIRL03/25/2023Sioux City8:00 PM4Midnight
JESSIES GIRL04/01/2023Ashton4:00 PM610:00 PM
JESSIES GIRL04/07/2023Primghar8:00 PM4Midnight
JESSIES GIRL04/15/2023Pocahontas7:00 PM411:00 PM
BOOZ CRUZ04/29/2023Sheldon3:45 PM25:45 PM
BOOZ CRUZ05/06/2023Arnold's ParkNoon12Midnight
JESSIES GIRL05/19/2023Sioux Center6:00 PM27:30 PM
BOOZ CRUZ05/20/2023Sioux City4:00 PM26:00 PM
JESSIES GIRL05/27/2023lester1:30 PM34:30 PM
JESSIES GIRL05/27/2023Ellsworth9:00 PM41:00 AM
JESSIES GIRL06/03/2023Sioux Center5:30 PM16:30 PM
JESSIES GIRL06/10/2023Inwood4:00 PM26:00 PM
JESSIES GIRL06/17/2023Heron Lake12:00 PM12Midnighth
JESSIES GIRL07/01/2023Vermillion1:30 PM56:00 PM
JESSIES GIRL07/15/2023Sioux CityNoon12Midnight
BOOZ CRUZ08/05/2023Sioux Center4:00 PM26:00 PM
JESSIES GIRL08/05/2023Sioux city7:00 PM411:00 PM
JESSIES GIRL08/12/2023Ponca1:30 PM67:30 PM
JESSIES GIRL08/19/2023Larchwood3:00 PM25:00 PM
JESSIES GIRL09/02/2023Storm lake2:00 PM46:00 PM
JESSIES GIRL09/16/2023Sioux Falls, SD2:00 PM35:00 PM
JESSIES GIRL09/23/2023FairmontNoon66:00 PM
JESSIES GIRL09/29/2023Hull5:00 PM27:00 PM
JESSIES GIRL10/14/2023George5:00 PM27:00 PM
JESSIES GIRL10/20/2023Harrisburg1:00 PM45:00 PM
JESSIES GIRL10/21/2023Sheldon5:30 PM27:30 PM
JESSIES GIRL11/04/2023Doon3:30 PM25:00 PM
JESSIES GIRL11/18/2023Spirit lakeNoon12Midnight
JESSIES GIRL2024 06/08/2024Schleswig4:00 PM26:00 PM

Stacy's Mom (40 Passenger)

Unit Event Date City Pick Up Time Hours Drop Off Time
STACYS MOM04/01/2023Larchwood2:00 PM46:00 PM
STACYS MOM04/01/2023Sioux City9:00 PM41:00 AM
STACYS MOM04/08/2023Estherville7:30 PM512:30 AM
STACYS MOM04/15/2023Aurelia8:00 PM412:00 AM
STACYS MOM05/05/2023Remsen6:00 PM6Midnight
STACYS MOM05/13/2023Granville4:30 PM1.56:00 PM
STACYS MOM05/20/2023Cherokee5:30 PM16:30 PM
STACYS MOM05/27/2023Sioux CityNoonMidnight
FOOTLOOSE06/03/2023Pierce3:30 PM25:30 PM
STACYS MOM06/10/2023Council Bluffs3:00 PM35:30 PM
STACYS MOM06/15/2024Spirit Lake3:30 PM25:30 PM
FOOTLOOSE06/17/2023Little Rock5PM1.56:30PM
STACYS MOM06/23/2023Sheldon6:00 PM17:00 PM
FOOTLOOSE06/24/2023Terril11:30 AM1211:30 PM
STACYS MOM07/15/2023Norfolk3:00 PM25:00 PM
STACYS MOM07/22/2023Algona3:00 PM25:00 PM
STACYS MOM08/04/2023Meriden5:30 PM1.57:00 PM
FOOTLOOSE08/05/2023Terril4:00 PM26:00 PM
STACYS MOM08/12/2023North Sioux City1:00 PM67:00 PM
STACYS MOM08/19/2023Granville4:30 PM1.56:00 PM
STACYS MOM08/26/2023Spirit Lake7:00 PM5Midnight
STACYS MOM09/02/2023Lakefeld4:30 PM26:30 PM
STACYS MOM09/09/2023Paullina4:00 PM26:00 PM
STACYS MOM09/16/2023Milford3:00 PM36:00 PM
FOOTLOOSE09/23/2023Spencer4:30 PM37:00 PM
STACYS MOM09/30/2023Sheldon4:00 PM15:00 PM
STACYS MOM10/07/2023Alton4:00 PM26:00 PM
STACYS MOM10/14/2023Remsen3:00 PM25:00 PM
STACYS MOM10/21/2023Sibley3:00 PM111:00 AM
STACYS MOM11/04/2023LeMars3:00 PM25:00 PM
STACYS MOM11/11/2023Ponca2:30 PM2.55:00 PM
STACYS MOM11/18/2023Doon4:30 PM26:00 PM
STACYS MOM12/02/2023Elk PointNoon12Midnight
STACYS MOM2024 04/27/2024Le Mars12:30 PM1212:30 AM
STACYS MOM2024 06/08/2024Spirit Lake11:00 AM1211:00 PM

Sweet Caroline (40 passenger)

Unit Event Date City Pick Up Time Hours Drop Off Time
SWEET CAROLINE03/25/2023Rock Valley5:00 PM510pm
SWEET CAROLINE03/25/2023Sioux Center10:30 PM42:30 AM
SWEET CAROLINE04/01/2023Sioux Center9:00 PM52:00 AM
SWEET CAROLINE04/01/2023Sioux center2:00 PM57:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE04/22/2023Jackson8:30 PM51:30 AM
SWEET CAROLINE04/29/2023Sheldon2:00 PM122:00 AM
SWEET CAROLINE05/06/2023LeMars8:00 PM4Midnight
SWEET CAROLINE05/20/2023Arnolds Park4:30 PM26:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE05/26/2023Hull5:00 PM27:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE05/26/2023Sioux Center9:00 AM41:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE05/27/2023Jefferson3:00 PM36:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE06/02/2023Sioux Center5:00 PM1.56:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE06/03/2023Remsen3:30 PM25:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE06/09/2023Sioux Center12:30 PM7.58:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE06/10/2023Dakota Dunes1:00 PM45:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE06/17/2023Pocahontas2:30 PM35:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE06/22/2024Storm Lake4:00 PM5:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE06/24/2023rock valley4:30 PM26:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE07/14/2023Sioux Center5:30 PM26:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE07/15/2023Worthington1:00 PM121am
SWEET CAROLINE07/21/2023Harrisburg2:00 PM46:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE07/22/2023Sioux City5:00 PM1.56:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE08/05/2023Fonda3:00 PM25:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE08/11/2023Spirit Lake4:00 PM26:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE08/12/2023Cherokee4:30 PM25:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE08/19/2023Sheldon4:30 PM26:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE08/26/2023Sioux city2:30 PM24:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE09/08/2023Rock Valley5:30 PM27:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE09/09/2023Atlantic4:30 PM37:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE09/09/2023Estherville2:30 PM24:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE09/16/2023Le Mars4:00 PM26:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE09/23/2023Worthington1:00 PM121:00 AM
SWEET CAROLINE09/30/2023Remsen3:00 PM25:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE10/07/2023Sheldon4:30 PM25:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE10/20/2023Orange City5:00 PM16:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE10/21/2023North Sioux City3:30 PM25:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE10/28/2023Sibley or Sheldon3:30 PM25:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE11/04/2023Milford2:00 PM122:00 AM
SWEET CAROLINE11/11/2023Okoboji2:00 PM46:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE11/18/2023Sheldon4:30 PM6:00 PM
SWEET CAROLINE12/02/2023LeMars2:30 PM24:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE2024 02/10/2024Worthington3:30 PM25:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE2024 02/24/2024Cherokee4:30 PM26:30 PM
SWEET CAROLINE2024 06/01/2024Rock Rapids or Sioux Center - currently undecided4:30 PM1.56:00 PM

Pending (deposit not paid)

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